Jimmy Brewer is a songwriter originally from Lincolnshire. Bored by his rural surroundings and the manufactured pop music of the day the 8 year old Jimmy Brewer found refuge in a cupboard under the stairs. Housed in this cupboard was his parents’ record collection.

For hours, often skipping school, Jimmy would sit with his Argos catalogue guitar trying to mimic the sounds forcing their way through the dust and crackle. The Everley Brothers, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley all helped to develop his love of a good melodic pop song.

Since releasing his debut album ‘As Time Stands Still’ in 2013 Jimmy has relentlessly toured around the UK and has played festivals such as the Camden Crawl and Unearthed in a Field. Recently Jimmy has played several dates of Joan Armatrading’s final major tour culminating in a performance at London’s Barbican Hall.

Inspired by a thousand lonely, late night drives and drawing influence from artists such as Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell and Ron Sexsmith, Jimmy’s new album ‘Strangers’ is three and a half minute, Keith Richards-y guitar driven pop rock, filled with a nostalgic narrative of growing up, school and first loves.